Brett Patton

Author of Mecha Corps, A Novel of the Armor Wars

Reasons for this Dispatch

I’ve been asked, time and time again, why I choose to beat myself against the unyielding surface of the Universal Union. Most of my friends think I’m nothing but a head-case, who’ll end eventually on one of the mining planets like Keller, or wherever the Union decides I’m needed most. Some speculate about my patriotism, declaring the Universal Union infallible and perfect. But a few, just a handful, wonder like me.

We wonder about things like this:

One, if we had the technology to create wonders like the HuMax early in the human Expansion, three hundred and thirty one years ago, where has it gone now? Why haven’t we raised ourselves up above the level that one wag once declared, “The 20th Century, with faster-than-light spaceships rather than cell-phones?” Yes, we all know the Union’s excuse: In a low-density distributed state, high technology is unsustainable and incongruent with our goals.

Two, what is the Universal Union’s goals? Planets like Keller cry out for better representation in the senate on Eridani, but our Prime doesn’t hear them; indeed, she seems to be uninterested in opening new planets for colonization, despite her otherwise impeccable credentials as a Unitarian; she seems almost like the Freecycles, or, worse, the libertarian Aliancia.

Three, the Corsairs. Why don’t we have a viable early warning system in place for this scourge? Why are our Mecha always sent in after the fact, under deep cover? They say it’s to preserve the Union’s most important technological secrets, but see above. Are the Mecha really so magical? Is there truly a chance the Corsairs might capture one? It seems impossible, if you believe the stories about the Mecha’s capabilities.

Four, the Mecha themselves. Sure, we’ve all seen power-loaders and mechanical Mecha, but what about Dr. Salvatore Roth’s biomechanical technology that came out of nowhere, now a decade ago? What is Dr. Roth’s relationship with the Union? Why hasn’t this technology been more widely disseminated? Where Mecha go, there are always questions, and the deeper you go, the more disturbing the questions become.

There are a lot more things I wonder about, but those will do for now. I hope you enjoy my Dispatch while it lasts; I have no idea when (or if) the Union will decide to silence me.

Until then, I will dig into this as much as my academic background will allow.

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