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What are Biomechanical Mecha: Latest Speculations

Let’s break with tradition and start with the final question first: What are biomechanical Mecha?

First-hand reports credit them with almost magical capabilities. Of course, these first-hand reports are limited, with any user video or images heavily redacted by the Universal Union, unless it happens to fit their Standard Mecha Story: that is, that Mecha are the surgical instruments needed to extract Corsairs from precious Union cities, without the loss of civilian life.

And that is a true story. Let me give the Union credit where due. Their allowed videos correlate well with what people tell us: biomechanical Mecha are amazingly swift, precise weapons, capable of truly incredible feats.This isn’t in question. Who hasn’t seen the video of the single Mecha taking out an entire battalion of Corsair-captured Taikong tanks, without a single pane of glass shattered in the surrounding buildings?

But what of the other claims, such as the ones that say Mecha can actually transform from their standard humanoid shape into something completely different? Or even combine into larger and more capable forms? This goes beyond any simple steel-armored PowerLoader, or any of the earlier mechanical Mecha, like the oft-seen Villians. This verges on magic. And magic technology, as we know, isn’t condoned by the Union.

It seems to me there are only two credible arguments here:

1. First-hand accounts are mistaken. Awed by the power of the Mecha, people have exaggerated their capabilities. This would seem to be the most plausible explanation. After all, people on pre-Expansion Earth frequently reported being abducted by alien beings—to the point where the majority of the population believed them! Of course, we now know we’re living in an empty universe. The alien races we expected to encounter during the early years of the Expansion never materialized. So the stories of abduction by alien races in the 20th and 21st centuries are clearly fantasies—fantasies that survived the probing of early memory editing equipment, I might add.

2. The Union has a double standard for technology. For “us,” the typical citizen, we’re allowed the toys and trinkets that make life tolerable in the 4th century of post-expansion. Inexpensive space travel via Displacement Drive, reasonable access to costly FTL communication systems, and all the entertainment media we can consume. For the Union military, they condone magic technologies that go far beyond what we know. While most people take “biomechanical technology” to mean “things of steel, aluminum, and titanium which use principles similar to biological structures,” might it actually mean, “a metallic matrix which behaves like a living organism?”

Yes, I know. Insanity. Nothing we know works like that. The early dreams of nanotechnology never materialized. Artificial life forms have failed when they go above a certain level of complexity. Even human genetic engineering is problematic, especially with the prevalent negative bias which goes back to the time of the HuMax genocide.

But what if–what if it was true?

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  1. Aha! There’s someone else awake out there.

    Ask yourself this: who the hell is Dr. Salvatore Roth, creator of the modern bioMecha? I mean, really, who is he? How did he do it? Where’d he get the know-how?

    Start there, and see where it leads.

  2. Interesting. Who are you?

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